Seeking an Insurance Agency Career?

Whether you are relatively new in the insurance industry or are just looking for a change, we hope you consider employment on the agency side. The opportunities for personal growth and career advancement are practically unlimited today for those individuals who are motivated to succeed.  At the Walton Agency we hope you consider us in your employment plans if you are seeking a career in an independent insurance agency.  When we have a job opening, the description will be posted under the heading Current Career Job Opportunities below.  Please feel free to make application any time, however.  We welcome your inquiry and will try to answer any questions you may have.   Important:  We will review your employment materials when you have fully completed the first three steps of the Career Employment Procedure at the end of this page.

Current Career Job Opportunities:  Two positions

1.  Customer Service Agent (CSA) in Personal Lines

CSA – Job Summary

Walton Insurance Agency of Oskaloosa, IA is currently seeking a licensed and job qualified property and casualty Customer Service Agent.  An ideal applicant will possess an Iowa Personal Lines Insurance License (or higher) and have at least two years experience in insurance agency personal lines customer service and/or sales.

As a licensed agent you will be dealing personally with insurance customers of the Walton Agency in a customer service capacity.  The position involves the application of your knowledge of the personal lines insurance contracts: auto, homeowner, farm, umbrella, etc.  You will use this knowledge and people skills to assist agency customers.   Typical day-to-day tasks include administering client checklists, determining proper insurance limits and deductibles, recommending various policy endorsements and preparing insurance quotations.  After an insurance transaction is complete, you will follow-up and verify it was completed accurately in a timely manner.  You will also assist in processing insurance claims associated with the various types of insurance contracts.

A general working knowledge of current computer systems and software is required.  You will be using various agency electronic resources to carry out your tasks; to include a Windows based computer workstation running a variety of software applications:  In addition to standard  internet browsers providing access to insurance company agent centers, are Microsoft Office and Applied Systems The Agency Manager (TAM).

Your pay and benefits will be negotiated and commensurate with your skill level, experience and performance.

CSA –  Desired Attributes 

  • Possess a current Iowa Insurance License for property and casualty personal lines (or higher) as described above.
  • Possess a high school diploma.
  • Have at least two years insurance agency work experience.
  • Be knowledgeable in the use of personal computers and associated software.
  • Possess the desire and ability to do accurate work.
  • Have an outgoing personality and enjoy working with the public in a customer service capacity.
  • Be, or become, proficient, in the use of the agency management software: The Agency Manager (TAM).
  • Develop a good working knowledge of applicable insurance company/agent processing centers and related software.

If you are interested in applying, please follow the Career Employment Procedure below.

2.  Commercial Insurance Sales

Commercial Insurance Sales  (including agribusiness) – Job summary

Walton Insurance Agency in Oskaloosa, IA is currently seeking a full time licensed property and casualty commercial insurance producer.  You should have a minimum of two years sales experience in commercial insurance; including commercial and agribusiness/family farm.   An active MPCI license and sales experience are valued options.  It is important that you possess the characteristics of a self-starter; a person who begins work or moves ahead on his or her own initiative, without needing to be told or encouraged to do so.   It is similarly important to takes pride in your work and use your skills to build new agency client relationships.  These abilities form the foundation for a professional client-oriented insurance agency career, directed to providing quality insurance advice and service.   Your income and benefits will be negotiated and correspond with your skill level, experience and performance.

Commercial Insurance Sales (including agribusiness) – Personal requirements and attributes

  • Possess a current Iowa Insurance License for property and casualty personal and commercial insurance lines.
  • Have a minimum of two years experience in Commercial and Agribusiness insurance sales.
  • Possess a practical working knowledge of supporting computer systems and mobile devices.
  • Freely contact prospective clients to offer new products and services.
  • Create new agency client relationships and develop existing accounts.
  • Be a good sales closer.
  • Conduct thorough client insurance fact finding reviews.
  • Take pride in your work effort with accuracy as a high priority.
  • Be well motivated with a positive personal attitude.
  • Possess a pleasant voice and good communication skills.
  • Develop and maintain a team attitude within the agency staff.

If you are interested in applying, please follow the Career Employment Procedure below.

Career Employment Procedure

If you choose to begin the application process with Walton Insurance, we have this simple 4-step procedure to get the process going.  Please complete the first three steps to have your employment materials reviewed!

      1. Provide us your current résumé.  Please include a minimum of three personal references with all the necessary contact information.  Be sure and list all prior insurance sales or customer service employment.  Include all state insurance licenses held (past and/or present) with their state identification numbers.  Submitted files may be in the .doc, .docx, or .pdf format.
      2. Tell us about yourself in a written paragraph or two.  Please include what ever you feel is relevant about your personal strengths and career objectives.
      3. E-mail the above material to [email protected].  You may use our e-mail form below.  (Make certain you have included all your information:  Name, home address, e-mail address and contact phone number(s).   E-mail the materials only please!)
      4. After your materials have been reviewed we may then request you complete a State of Iowa Workforce Development Generic Application for Employment prior to scheduling a job interview.