Our Staff

Ryan Walton

Ryan graduated from Oskaloosa High School in 1994 and continued his education in Minnesota, graduating from the School of Communication Arts and Minneapolis Institute of Technology with Associate Degrees in Graphics Arts and Mathematics.  After working in computer graphics and printing, he opted to further his education and broaden his skills,  attending the University of Minnesota Institute of Technology with a concentration in programming and general information technology.

Ryan joined the Walton Agency in 2012 and, as Bob Walton is fond of saying:  “He has learned the insurance business from the bottom up” in a variety of roles, including personal and commercial customer service, agency webmaster and agency IT systems support.  As the Assistant Agency Manager, Ryan devotes more of his time to meet the challenges of running an independent agency in an ever-changing insurance industry.

Ryan represents the 4th generation of  Walton’ family management.  His educational background and acquired skills form a solid foundation for his future insurance career.

Joyce Webb

Joyce Webb joined the Agency in 2000 and soon passed her Personal Insurance License Exam with high marks.  Over the past seventeen years, she has performed the duties of a senior customer service representative for insurance personal lines.  Agency clients know her as a main contact for policy writing, change requests and claims reporting.  Her efforts are directed toward maintaining a high agency standard of customer service dedicated to the philosophy that the customer always comes first.

Over many years, Joyce has been active in the Oskaloosa community in general and St. Mary’s Catholic Church in particular.  For several years she chaired fund raising dinners to support the Senior High School vocal program.  Joyce has a long history of active support of St. Mary’s.  She has served as President of the Pastoral Council; been a Lector and Eucharistic Minister; served on the Education Committee and taught religious education.

Her hobbies include quilting, cooking, gardening and who in the family makes the best salsa.

Bob Walton

Bob was born and raised in Oskaloosa and graduated from Oskaloosa High School.  After a four-year tour of duty in the U. S. 8th Air Force Strategic Air Command (SAC) as a Nuclear Weapons Specialist, Bob returned to the University of Iowa to earn a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Insurance & Finance.  He continued on with advanced graduate work in Risk Management at the University.  As a graduate assistant, he taught several sections of undergraduate General Insurance.  After college, Bob founded the first of two new Iowa City property and casualty insurance agencies.  Walton Insurance Services would soon become part of the combined Welt, Ambrisco and Walton Insurance Agency.

Over the years Bob has served as President of the Iowa City Jaycees, President of the Iowa Jaycee Metro Chapters and President of the Oskaloosa Chamber of Commerce.  He was awarded the National Jaycee’s Henry Giessenbier Memorial Trophy, the Iowa Jaycee Top Five Local President’s Plaque and the Oskaloosa Jaycee Distinguished Service Award.  Bob also received the Iowa Governor’s Leadership Award as Chairman of the Oskaloosa Bicentennial Celebration.  Indoor hobbies include writing, creating music CDs and other electronics projects, while biking and gardening are his favorite outdoor hobbies.

Ruth Walton

Ruth Walton joined the Agency in 1983.  As a co-owner she now serves as its Vice President and Treasurer.  Ruth has become a key figure in agency accounting and internal management.  She performs a variety of tasks as the head of insurance and agency-management processing.  Ruth oversees the accuracy of data in practically every paper and electronic system, both in-coming and out-going.  She serves as the Agency’s unofficial customer greeter and thoroughly enjoys her role as such.

Ruth’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education from the University of Iowa.  She taught at the University Laboratory School and the Iowa City School District before moving on to insurance several years later.  Through the years Ruth has been very active in the St. Paul Congregational Church, serving on many committees and boards while participating in the  church choir for thirty-plus years.

Her hobbies include gardening, writing, remembering every conceivable important date and taking care of nature’s critters.

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