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The Walton Insurance Agency offers several quality insurance packages to protect you or your business from loss.  For over 85 years we have tailored property and casualty insurance to fit clients’ needs.    You won’t have to negotiate impersonal phone trees or give up a trusted advisor just to find cost effective insurance.

Don’t be misled by the those companies emphasizing price at the expense of valuable insurance counseling and service.  It can be a very false economy.


Every single ad makes the promise:  “We will save you hundreds of dollars in just seconds.”  Though it is certainly wise to shop around and pay less for insurance, this “price is everything” approach can lead to a host of problems and leave you dangerously under insured.  The personal cost of insufficient limits, improper deductibles and coverage gaps can easily exceed your “price only” savings.  Premium dollars saved up front can be lost in multiples at the time of a claim.  This is not the reason you bought insurance.

To adequately protect your property and income and save real money over the long run, a solution is at hand.   Come see us at Walton Insurance.  We will sit down with you and design a total insurance program; one which will protect you against  loss in a most cost effective manner.   All that is required is to spend a few minutes to identify and manage your exposures to loss – both property and casualty.  Then, should a damaging loss occur, you will have the peace of mind to know it will be handled within your own plan – no surprises.  Contact us at the Walton Insurance Agency today.  It’s where price and service come together.