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NRCS Cover Crop Termination Guidelines

The recent Rain and Hail L.L.C. April Newsletter discusses some items related to USDA governed cover crops.  The NRCS has put together Cover Crop Termination guidelines which supersede what is in their newsletter and provide further clarification. Please refer to the attached information for more details.  NRCS Cover Crop Termination Guidelines Non-Irrigated Cropland

What types of insurance do you sell?

We sell all types of property and casualty insurance for vehicles, homes, farms, crops and businesses of all kinds.  Close to sixty-five percent of our sales volume is commercial, thirty-five percent is personal and we currently do not market life or health insurance.

How large a deductible should I buy on my auto and homeowner’s policies?

The short answer is:  Choose the largest deductible with which you are comfortable that will significantly reduce your premium.  Each of us has a different tolerance for risk which is reflected in our buying decisions, not just insurance deductibles.  Due to inflation of the U.S. dollar, the ‘standard deductible’ has risen from $100 (or even… Read More »

A Few Things to Consider Before Buying Insurance

Choose a “Trusted Choice” Independent Insurance Agency. They own and operate a business within your community. Their local interests more nearly represent your interests. Their personnel will know you personally and value you as a customer. They can offer you choices. They maintain independent contracts with insurance carriers and are not captive to any one company. You can save… Read More »

15 Most Ridiculous Insurance Claims

Thanks to our friends at Insurance Business America: “Most of the time, auto, home and business accidents are humdrum affairs involving fender benders, storm damage or uninsured motorists—no laughing matter, in other words. In these cases, compiled by, however, we must admit we cracked a grin or two.”  We’ll begin the countdown with number 15.… Read More »