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When Partially Damaged Siding or Roofing Doesn’t Match the Undamaged Portion

Excerpted from Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa, Iowa Agent Newsletter  – June 23, 2014 |   Question:  My client’s house was damaged by hail, the siding is no longer made and can’t be matched.   How should this loss be settled?  The client has replacement coverage on the home and the carrier does not believe they have to replace all the siding to match.… Read More »

How your credit history affects auto insurance pricing

Thanks to our friends at Insurance Business America     Author Caitlin Bronson – June 05, 2014 |   One of the most hotly debated underwriting factors in auto insurance, an applicant’s credit history continues to be used significantly in crafting policy rates. A new report from WalletHub may make that task easier, however. Researchers at the consumer… Read More »