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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Damage From Falling Trees & Limbs?

Author: Todd Duvall, Demand Media  | According to the Insurance Information Institute, typical homeowners insurance covers tree-related damage. Let’s say a falling tree branch crashes through your roof during a storm, causing not only damage to your roof, but to the room below that was saturated with rain water.  As long as your home is insured,… Read More »

When Partially Damaged Siding or Roofing Doesn’t Match the Undamaged Portion

Excerpted from Independent Insurance Agents of Iowa, Iowa Agent Newsletter  – June 23, 2014 |   Question:  My client’s house was damaged by hail, the siding is no longer made and can’t be matched.   How should this loss be settled?  The client has replacement coverage on the home and the carrier does not believe they have to replace all the siding to match.… Read More »

What automobile public liability insurance limits do you recommend?

Public liability coverages generally defend against third-party allegations of your negligent action or non-action.  That is, you or another insured are alleged to have committed a civil wrong or tort.  Bodily injury liability (BI) and property damage liability (PD) coverages can be purchased with either split limits –  a separate limit for BI and for PD, or a combined single… Read More »

What types of insurance do you sell?

We sell all types of property and casualty insurance for vehicles, homes, farms, crops and businesses of all kinds.  Close to sixty-five percent of our sales volume is commercial, thirty-five percent is personal and we currently do not market life or health insurance.

How large a deductible should I buy on my auto and homeowner’s policies?

The short answer is:  Choose the largest deductible with which you are comfortable that will significantly reduce your premium.  Each of us has a different tolerance for risk which is reflected in our buying decisions, not just insurance deductibles.  Due to inflation of the U.S. dollar, the ‘standard deductible’ has risen from $100 (or even… Read More »