When you say you are a “value added” business, what does that mean?

By | April 5, 2014

It means that we make the effort to add a positive additional value to our insurance products and customer service – which otherwise might be labeled “average” or “plain vanilla.”  Most of us perform some level of value adding in our daily lives without giving it a second thought.  It can take the form of a warm hello or lending a helping hand.  In a business setting it is all of that and more.  It can be as complicated as a thorough customer service plan or as simple as not turning our valued customers over to an impersonal company service center.   The goal is always the same, to enhance the value of our insurance product for our customer.  I.e., to add value.  Though we try to maintain high standards of performance it remains a work in progress, the success of which is always open to judgment in the social media.