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Rain & Hail Crop Insurance Company 2016 Deadlines

As the 2016 crop insurance year approaches, it is important that crop growers know the various deadlines which must be met to qualify their acreage and crops throughout the year.  We will update this list when required. Here are the 2016 Rain & Hail MPCI/Crop Insurance deadlines for Mahaska and surrounding counties. The schedule will apply… Read More »

Ryan Walton our new Agency Assistant Manager

Author: Bob Walton | February 18, 2016 | Ryan Walton is the new Assistant Manager of Walton Insurance Agency, effective today. Ryan “has paid his dues learning the agency business and he can now apply those skills in his new position. It’s time.” So says the current Agency President, Bob Walton. Ryan graduated from Oskaloosa… Read More »

Obama wants an $18 billion federal crop insurance cut for “all of you at the top.”

Author:  Lyle Adriano, with our editorial comments enclosed within [brackets]   This post is a work in progress and is updated as the  story unfolds.  In response to some lively conversation about the OMB, new paragraph 4 was added.  |   February 22, 2016  | President Obama wants a 10-year $18 billion cut to the federal crop insurance program as part of his budget… Read More »

State of Iowa, Workers’ Compensation Statute, Code Chapter, 85.1A

PROPRIETORS, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY MEMBERS, LIMITED LIABILITY PARTNERS, AND PARTNERS. A proprietor, limited liability company member, limited liability partner, or partner who is actively engaged in the proprietor’s, limited liability company member’s, limited liability partner’s, or partner’s business on a substantially full-time basis may elect to be covered by the workers’ compensation law of this… Read More »