Rain & Hail Crop Insurance Company 2016 Deadlines

By | February 22, 2016

As the 2016 crop insurance year approaches, it is important that crop growers know the various deadlines which must be met to qualify their acreage and crops throughout the year.  We will update this list when required.

Here are the 2016 Rain & Hail MPCI/Crop Insurance deadlines for Mahaska and surrounding counties. The schedule will apply to the vast majority of programs:

Closing – 03/15/2016 –  The Sales Closing Date A date in the Special Provisions by which an application must be filed.  The last date you may change your crop insurance coverage for a crop year.

IPD  – To be determined – The Initial Planting Date – The earliest date established for planting the insured crop on insurable acreage for the crop year.

FPD – 06/25/2016 – The Final Planting Date – The date in the Special Provisions by which the insured crop must initially be planted in order to be insured for the full production guarantee or amount of insurance per acre.

ARD  – 07/15/2016 – The Acreage Reporting Date –  The date (contained in the Special Provisions for the county for the insured crop or as provided in the basic policy provisions) by which insureds are required to submit acreage reports.

Billing – 08/15/2016 –  The Billing Date –  The earliest date by which premium billing will be distributed for current crop year premiums.

Filing – 11/30/2015 –  The Filing Date –  The date by which the Risk Management Agency must file all actuarial data pertaining to the writing of an insurance contract for a crop.

PRD – 04/29/2016 –  The Production Reporting Date –  The latest date production reports will be accepted for inclusion in the database used to calculate approved APH yields for the current crop year.

EID – To be determined –  The End of Insurance Date –  The date upon which the crop insurance coverage ceases for the crop year.  This is the last day to report any loss.

CD – 03/15/2016 – The Cancellation Date –  The date specified in the Crop Provisions on which coverage for the crop will automatically renew unless canceled in writing by either the insured or insurer or terminated in accordance with the policy terms.

TD – 03/15/2017 – The Termination Date –  The date in the Crop Provisions upon which your insurance ceases to be in effect because of nonpayment of any amount due the insurance company.

ECD – 03/15/2016 –  The Extended Closing Date –  The first business day that exists after original sales closing date if the original falls on a weekend or federal holiday.

EPD – 06/25/2016 –  The Extended Planting Date –  The First business day that exists after original planting date if the original falls on a weekend or federal holiday.