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Frequently Asked Questions

You describe the multi-policy and multi-car discounts as “valuable.” How valuable are they?

The multi-policy discount can add up to a premium saving of five to twenty-five percent per policy, depending on the particular insurance company.  It is a valid inducement for you, the insurance buyer, to purchase all of your policies from a single insurance company.  To not avail yourself of this great cost cutting opportunity would… Read More »

Why are there so many auto insurance policy options today and can they really save me money?

By our latest count, there are around twenty insurance companies actively advertising auto insurance today.  The Warren Buffet / GEICO-led hyper competition to gain auto insurance market share has pushed companies to conjure up all sorts of premium discounts and gimmicks, some good and some not so good.  Discounts range from the older multi-policy, multi-car and claim… Read More »

What are the Walton Agency strengths?

We take pride in our strong customer service supported by a well-educated insurance staff.  Our people currently have over 140 years of combined insurance agency experience.  We know we can make that experience work for our clients.   Our personnel have adopted the Independent Insurance Agents of America Trusted Choice mission statement as our own.