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Revised Iowa Workers’ Compensation Law Regarding Proprietors, LLC Members, LL Partners and Partner

Author:  Walton staff – June 15, 2015  | On April 17, 2015, Iowa Governor Terry Branstad signed into law legislation “relating to certain persons who are excluded from coverage under the workers’ compensation law of this state,” effective July 1, 2015. For the first time it impacts a proprietor, limited liability company member, limited liability partner or a partner… Read More »

Business notification flaw in the revised Iowa workers’ compensation law

Author: Bob Walton | The new (revised) Iowa workers’ compensation law does not specify responsibility for notifying Iowa business owners of its existence.  At the Walton Agency, it is our opinion the Iowa Workers’ Compensation Division, as the governing body, should have been made totally responsible for notification, a flaw that must be rectified as… Read More »

NCCI Files For 3.7% Decrease of Iowa Workers’ Compensation Rates [Updated]

As the 2015 new year approached we thought it was time to update this short article originally posted in August, 2014.  At that time the Iowa workers’ comp loss costs (rates) were only advisory with no final approval.  After rereading the article, we quickly realized it was not only narrow in scope, but also quite boring in nature.  It really needed something to pep it up.  After making several attempts, we had… Read More »