Dean Strawn’s Long Illness

By | January 22, 2016

Author:  Bob Walton  |  February 10, 2016  |  Updated March 15, 2016

To:  All Agency Clients
Re:  Dean Strawn’s Long Illness

For those of you who are not aware, Dean Strawn had arterial surgery December 2, 2015 at Mercy Hospital, Des Moines, Iowa. Actually, three surgeries to repair blocked leg/groin arteries were performed early on and totaled over twenty hours. Thus began Dean’s two-month stay in the Mercy Intensive Care Unit, including various treatments for a litany of severe medical complications. As of this writing, he is out of intensive care and undergoing various rigorous therapies. You can login to the Caring Bridge Website for the full story. We all wish him a complete recovery and “get the hell out of that hospital as soon as possible.”


Because it is probable Dean will not return to Walton Insurance, we are announcing several internal staff changes. As explained in a recent letter to our crop insurance clients, Joyce Webb will assume new responsibilities and manage all crop insurance. Because Joyce backed up Dean’s crop effort for years and made every necessary data entry, she has in-depth knowledge of the accounts. The transition to Joyce should be practically seamless for our clients; much preferred to bringing in a new person at the “11th hour.” Ryan Walton will now backup Joyce and provide new data processing capabilities in the presentation and processing of crop hail insurance.

Much of the effort described above will also apply to farm and the commercial insurance lines with which Dean was involved. Ruth Walton has processed all agency farm and commercial insurance for many years, having a great deal of personal contact with our clients.  As a result, she possesses a broad knowledge of all agency accounts. Ruth will now capably backup Bob Walton and Ryan Walton as they begin to assimilate and manage the accounts.