My Foot Seems to be Caught in Something

By | February 18, 2014

We hope you enjoy this humorous tale!

A driver pulled his grain truck into a terminal to unload. The grain was emptied by an auger that had a habit of clogging. To eliminate the problem the owner simply removed the auger’s protective shield with a cutting torch. This was not a good idea. When the driver jumped into the truck bed with a shovel to keep the grain flowing, he promptly got his foot caught in the device. The good news was the auger jammed without tearing his foot off. The bad news was that two hydraulic lines on the now stuck hydraulic system ruptured and sprayed hydraulic fluid all over the place, including the truck exhaust. Well, everything caught fire, including the truck, the building and an adjoining twenty acres of unpicked corn. When the fire department finished putting out the fire, everything was destroyed but the driver. Observers agreed there was no way he should have escaped the auger, but he did. To this day, the locals swear they still see him hobbling back to town in sort of a “Peg Leg” Bates impression.

 Insurance Coverage:  Yes, several coverages: Comprehensive general liability, including products, fire insurance and worker’s compensation.  The final settlement of which was decided through subrogation and litigation.  Our claim?  Yes.