Rain & Hail Insurance, Year-end 2015 Crop Insurance Reminders

By | November 30, 2015

Important Upcoming Dates

• December 10th; End of the Insurance Period
• December 15th: Last day to report a revenue loss
• December 18th: Rain and Hail will release incomplete Express Claims
• December 23rd: last day Rain and Hail will print in the 2015 calendar year (See attached December Update for details)

Production Reporting Reminders

Here are some things to remember as you complete production reports.

• Do not wait to get total production to turn in a claim. If a grower has a claim to turn in, turn it in ASAP. The deadline to turn in a claim is within 72 hours of discovery of damage but no later than 15 days after the end of the insurance period (EOIP).
• The grower will still need to turn in a production report for units that do not have a payable claim on them.
• Elevator Moisture Shrink may be different than what we use for MPCI policies – Corn 15% and Beans 13%. A table is available that can be used to help calculate bushels at the appropriate moisture.

Claims Reminders

Rain and Hail offers a number of quick and efficient ways for policyholders to submit claims. Starting with e-Notice of Loss, available on the Agent Services site, policyholders can be assisted quickly in filing a claim. From this point, there is the possibility of expedited claims via the Express claim option.

Express claims are processed quickly within Rain & Hail based on a self-certification form and supporting documentation provided by the insured policyholder. Claims above the Express claim threshold are automatically assigned to an adjuster once entered into the Rain and Hail system.

Adjusters have the ability to work losses electronically via the e-Adjuster program. This program allows for quick and accurate claims processing. Claims are also electronically signed via e-Adjuster, reducing the need to shuffle paperwork and allowing for quicker completion of claims and the insurance of indemnity payments.

RMA has authorized the continued use of the increased Simplified Claim Process (SCP) dollar tolerance:

• $20,000 for Optional Units
• $40,000 for Basic Units, Enterprise Units, and Whole Farm Units

In lieu of a traditional check, policyholders also have the ability to sign up for ACH payments with Rain and Hail. ACH payments are direct deposited into a policyholder’s bank account, providing the quickest form of claim payment. This process provides the policyholder funds in an expedited manner. Policyholder’s can sign up for ACH payments in their policy holder services account.

Please note On December 18, Rain & Hail will release any Express Claims that have not been received, assuming no payable loss.

3 Steps to properly complete an Express Claim:

1) Complete the Express Claim (EC) form:

• Fill in cause(s) and date(s) of damage.
• Provide all information for each unit you are claiming.
• Answer all 18 (yes/no) questions on the EC form.
• Sign/date the form.

2) Attach settlement sheets accounting for 100% of production.
• Provide for both the insured and any other shareholders to account for ALL production.
• Settlement sheets should indicate which units they are a part of.
• Production on settlement sheets must match the written amount on the EC form.
[NOTE: Individual load weight tickets are not acceptable documentation for the EC process.]

3) Attach RH-1156 with maps, RHIGIS or MBAR to verify acres and share.
• Make sure that you are circling the applicable unit’s acres on the maps with ink.

Submitting Express Claim Forms and Supporting Documents
Please send documents to either of the options below to expedite processing.

• Fax: 515-559-1101
• Mail: Rain and Hail L.L.C.
9200 Northpark Drive, Suite 200
Johnston, IA 50131

For more information about the Agriculture Insurance from Rain and Hail visit www.RainHail.com.