Attack of the Mosquitoes

By | June 24, 2014

We hope you enjoy this humorous tale!

Unknown to the father of a Minnesota family, his young daughter had left a window and screen wide open in their home late one summer evening.  In the middle of the night the father was awakened by a cloud of mosquitoes. Still half asleep, and without turning on any lights, he quickly stumbled to a closet and grabbed what he thought was bug spray.  He proceeded to empty the can throughout the house; on the windows, on the drapes, and, most unfortunately, on his wife’s favorite “soft snuggle throw.”  Much to everyone’s astonishment the next morning, the bug spray turned out to be red paint.  Oh, it was bad, very bad.

Insurance Coverage:  Homeowner’s Form 5.  Claim covered?  Yes.  It covers all causes of physical loss to dwelling and contents with no applicable exclusion – subject to the policy deductible.  Our claim?  No.