Don’t Let That Get in Your Way

By | June 18, 2014

We hope you enjoy this humorous tale!

Once upon a time, during an ‘unofficial’ high school outing, an incident occurred that will forever be remembered by the victim of a senior class prank. It was fairly common practice for upper classmen to initiate an incoming freshman by first kidnapping the unsuspecting prey.  They would then drive the victim a mile or two out into the country and make him walk back to town.  You know, it was one of those old rights of passage things that would now land the kidnappers in jail.

However, not every kidnapping target willingly played the game.  On one eventful night, a student broke loose from his wood-be captors and ran through several back yards in an attempt to escape.  It was very dark and he didn’t see a large sandbox in front of him.  When his shins hit the side of the box he plowed face-first into the sand. Spitting out sand he then charged straight ahead into the other side of the box, propelling him out into the yard in a perfect belly flop. Hindsight proved this to be a good time to quit, but he didn’t.  Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for this poor chap, he met Mr. Clothesline right at neck level.  Glung!  Stunned, he lay there for a time before limping off to safety.

The sand box spills caused him to lose a fair amount of hide on his shins and he also suffered temporary hoarseness from the clothesline encounter.  The parents half-heartedly brought the incident to the attention of their family insurance agent; you know, just in case.  After a brief period of seriousness followed by much laughter, it was agreed the best course of action was to forget the whole thing.  But, you know, to this day our victim has not forgotten.  Glung!

Insurance coverage:  Yes, with at least two or three options.  Our claim?  Oh, perhaps.