But it Only Moved a Foot!

By | February 24, 2014

We hope you enjoy this humorous tale!

An insurance company had possession of a Chevrolet Corvette that had been stolen and returned to them by the police for safe keeping. It was parked in the company parking lot only a foot or so from a concrete retaining wall. When the claims department learned of its return, several execs went out to check its condition. One of them was convinced to get in and start it up to make sure the engine was in working order and it was. As he revved it up, his foot slipped off the clutch pedal with the transmission in forward gear. The Vet shot straight ahead only one foot into the retaining wall. Boom! The Vet’s fiberglass body splintered from front to back. It was quite remarkable just how fast those fellows got back into the building.

Insurance Coverage:  It has never been revealed.  Claim covered?  Yes, one way or another.  Now Francis “Crash” Taylor” is a legend within Allied Insurance.