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Insurance Humor

Over our many years in the insurance business, we have collected a variety of humorous insurance tales, several of which are our own. Many of them involve peculiar, if not outright wacky, insurance claims. Others showcase the sardonic humor of insurance underwriting. And a few possess all the qualities and authenticity of an urban legend. We hope you find them all entertaining. Each tale is followed by a note on applicable insurance coverage and the origin of the tale.

Where Oh Where Can My Bobby Vee Album Be?

Several years ago, an insured made claim to her agent for the loss of a cherished Bobby Vee 33 1/3 rpm record album.  It seems a burglar somehow entered the insured’s house and stole only the record from a closet on the second floor.  There were no signs of forcible entry.  Somewhat fortunate in this… Read More »

When the HRD Stubbed Her Toe

An agency had a commercial client who routinely asked the agency for motor vehicle driving records (MVR) on prospective employees. When a job applicant agreed, the Human Resource person (the HRD) would request the report. This proved a bit problematic for a suddenly “very important” applicant who, as it turned out, was suddenly important because… Read More »

Where are we now Momma?

A family living in Detroit had a rambunctious three-year old boy who was born with larger than normal extremities, including his ears.  This became painfully clear one day when he managed to get a potty chair stuck on his head.  The little weight-lifter pulled the potty chair up over his head and tried to put… Read More »

My Foot Seems to be Caught in Something

A driver pulled his grain truck into a terminal to unload. The grain was emptied by an auger that had a habit of clogging. To eliminate the problem the owner simply removed the auger’s protective shield with a cutting torch. This was not a good idea. When the driver jumped into the truck bed with… Read More »

A Dentist’s Painful Error and Omission

A dentist had a very large patient with a history of becoming quite agitated when the dentist suggested gas to anesthetize pain.  Prior to this particular appointment, the patient had gained even more weight and would not fit in the dental chair.  There were restraining straps available to the dentist, but the patient’s large posterior prevented… Read More »

Oh, Now That You Mention It

We always say we insure people, not objects.  What the following story lacks in humor, it more than makes up for in irony –  a client interview not soon forgotten:  A man walks into an insurance agency and says he wants to buy liability coverage for his dump trucks. The agent did not know the man, so he spent some additional… Read More »