When the HRD Stubbed Her Toe

By | February 18, 2014

We hope you enjoy this humorous tale!

An agency had a commercial client who routinely asked the agency for motor vehicle driving records (MVR) on prospective employees. When a job applicant agreed, the Human Resource person (the HRD) would request the report. This proved a bit problematic for a suddenly “very important” applicant who, as it turned out, was suddenly important because he had already been hired – before his MVR was run. Unfortunately, for everyone involved, his three-year driving record indicated a recent Operating While Intoxicated arrest as well as a minor seat belt violation that lead directly to a major controlled substance citation.

The bottom line was that something akin to an act of congress was required to permit this fellow to drive a company vehicle. “And the very first thing we will require is a personal letter of recommendation from someone of consequence, someone of high standing, someone close to God who knows this man intimately,” lectured the company underwriter in no uncertain terms. After explaining these terms to the HRD, the agent literally broke out in laughter at this reply, “The only person with those qualifications is his parole officer.” Ooookay.

Insurance coverage:  No, insurance underwriting.  Your tale? Y es.