Where Oh Where Can My Bobby Vee Album Be?

By | February 18, 2014

We hope you enjoy this humorous tale!

Several years ago, an insured made claim to her agent for the loss of a cherished Bobby Vee 33 1/3 rpm record album.  It seems a burglar somehow entered the insured’s house and stole only the record from a closet on the second floor.  There were no signs of forcible entry.  Somewhat fortunate in this case, the theft had not yet been reported to the police – a requirement of the homeowner’s policy.

When the agent inquired as to where in the house the record had been stolen, the reply was that the album had to have been on the bottom of a large pile of heavy boxes in a second floor bedroom closet, “Because we looked everywhere else.”

For all practical purposes, the answer to the next question ended the conversation.  When asked if they had actually determined the album was no longer in the closet, she replied:  “Gosh, no.  There is so much junk in that closet we can hardly open the door without it all spilling out into the room.”

[You older readers may remember Fibber McGee’s infamous hall closet in the radio and TV show, Fibber McGee and Mollie.]

Insurance coverage:  Homeowner’s Form 2.  Claim covered?  Perhaps, had there been a proper proof of loss.  The policy at that time had no deductible – zip.  Our claim?  Yes, from the 1970s.