He Tied His Safety Rope to What?

By | February 20, 2014

We hope you enjoy this humorous tale!

During a very long and cold winter, snow had accumulated on roofs to such a depth that it became urgent to remove it before the roofs collapsed.  One homeowner, who had performed this task before with only a shovel, was determined to do it much faster this time with a snow blower.  He knew he could not tell his wife what he had planned, because she knew it would be very dangerous and would just give him fits.  So without telling her, he rigged up a safety rope that would keep him securely on the roof – one end tied around his waist and the other end tied to the bumper of his wife’s car.  (You see what’s coming, don’t you?)  Why she didn’t see the rope attached to the bumper before she drove out of the driveway is still up to debate.  He flew off the roof into a soft snow pile and was then pulled about a half block down the street before she stopped, after taking out the neighbor’s mail box in the process.  Most remarkably, he was only bruised and battered, but it was pretty tense around the house for several days.

Insurance coverage:  The Personal Auto Policy (PAP) property damage liability.  Claim covered?  Yes.  Local claim?  No.