Goat on the Roof

By | February 20, 2014

We hope you enjoy this humorous tale!

An insured reported a rather unusual claim that occurred at an old river cabin he owned.  One side of the structure had a very large wood pile neatly stacked and tapered up to the roof.  The insured had a goat tethered in the yard and it somehow managed to get free and walk up the wood pile onto the roof.  Well, the roof was old and the goat’s hooves were sharp and they did a real number on the roof.  “Everywhere it walked, its hooves just punched holes right through the roof,” he exclaimed!  But after discussing every possible property insurance peril, the insured begrudgingly accepted the truth that there was no named peril close to Goat Hoof Damage.

Insurance coverage:  Dwelling Form 1.  Claim covered?  No.  This is a named peril property coverage and nowhere is there a peril resembling Goat Hoof.  Our claim?  Yes.